Our candy has just launched in America ! “Aprati Candy Goes To Market.”


American LicoriceTM Company unveils new, Aprati Foods® brand, featuring unique and flavorful MocatiTM and FrutatiTM hard candies

La Porte, Ind. (September 10th) – American LicoriceTM Company, makers of Sour Punch® Straws and Red Vines® Candy, announced today that it will proudly introduce the new Aprati Foods® brand of unique and delicious hard candy. Sourced from one of the great cultural havens of Southeast Asia, the fruit-flavored FrutatiTM and café-inspired MocatiTM candy were inspired by the local culture and flavors of its source in Cambodia. These hard candies introduce flavor profiles that are a blend of multi-cultural influences coming together through exotic Asian-inspired flavors, paired with sweet North American flavors. 

Since 1914, American Licorice® Company has been a family owned and operated company, holding a strong purpose rooted in its commitment to sustainable operations, driven by a community-centered work experience and approach to delivering the best possible product. To ensure Aprati® candy meets the same high standards as its U.S. produced candy, the Company required its Cambodian supplier to meet the following essential criteria:



* High Quality Ingredients – Aprati® Candy is Non-GMO Project certified. Consumers care about what goes into their food and how it is made, making the Non-GMO certification essential to serving the desire of our consumers looking for a sweet treat made from cleaner ingredients.

* Commitment to Quality – The Cambodian supplier maintains BRC certification to ensure that the utmost care is given to each individually wrapped piece of hard candy.

* Safety of Associates – To demonstrate a commitment to safety, the Cambodian supplier was OHSAS 18001 certified. This is one of the leading occupational health and safety certifications, ensuring the provision of a safe workplace for all associates.

* Shared Values – Any supplier is required to live the same values around the treatment of its associates. The Cambodian supplier has been certified to the SA 8000 Standard, which requires a safe and ethical workplace for all associates who dedicate their time, attention and care to the creation of these delicious confections.

“At American LicoriceTM Company, we are always striving for innovation and bringing new and exciting products to our fans and consumers,” said Kristi Shafer, VP of Marketing for American LicoriceTM Company. “We are so thrilled to announce our new brand Aprati Foods®, and introduce the new FrutatiTM and MocatiTM candies to the world.”

Since 2012, the Company has been focused on developing unique, world-class, Non-GMO certified hard candies, while staying true to its core purpose of investing in the happiness of our people, communities, and shared environment. This effort led American LicoriceTM Company not only to launch the Aprati Foods® brand, but also to invest in the local community in Cambodia just as the American Licorice Company so passionately does in the US. The Company gives annual support to the Aogaah Foundation, which provides education to underserved communities in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia.

The Aprati® family believes in passion with a purpose. Each of us are born with our own unique ability to make an impact on the world around us, so we encourage our fans to let the world see their flavor. The ethos of the Aprati brand is essentially this: be fearless, be curious, and live your purpose with passion.

For more information on the Aprati Foods® brand, visit  http://apraticandy.com/.


About American LicoriceTM Company

The American LicoriceTM Company, privately owned and operated since 1914, is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the United States and one of the oldest candy companies in the industry. The Company aims to bring happiness to consumers with its classic Red Vines® candy, one of the top-selling licorice twists in the western United States. In 1990, American LicoriceTM Company expanded into the sour candy market with the launch of Sour Punch® Straws. These iconic straws with their signature mouthwatering crystals satisfy anyone’s sour craving. In addition, the brand continues to make nostalgic favorites such as Super Ropes® and SNAPS® candies. 

American Licorice Company is headquartered and manufactures in La Porte, Indiana with another manufacturing facility in Union City, California, and an affiliated manufacturing facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.