Bravo! The new "Frutati" candy that just released, has received incredible customer support. Consumers love our Frutati Candy!

Post On 28, Apr, 2020

Our signature fruit flavors, Pring (java plum), Ompil Mtes (spicy tamarind), and ‘Svay Ombel’ (Green Mango & Salt) are very popular and everyone keeps asking for more. Read More

"Frutati", a new fruity candy, has been officially released

Post On 31, Dec, 2019

(Phnom Penh): This is another achievement of Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd, a standard candy production company in Cambodia with more than 100 years of American heritage. Read More

Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd awarded the BRC Grade AA, Global Food Safety Standard

Post On 27, Aug, 2019

BRC is a global food safety standard that ensures the safety of our products to customers. We have been certified with BRC since 2017. Although we have achieved such success by being certified, we never stopped there. We always strive to provide quality in our product to our customers. This year, we have received grade AA of BRC, which is the top grade of food standard and we would like to share this accomplishment with all of you. Read More

Our candy has just launched in America ! “Aprati Candy Goes To Market.”

Post On 21, Aug, 2019

It’s been quite a journey since we started working on developing candy to sell to the US. Our hard work has paid off. Our customer sent us these photos from their office in America. Read More