Accounting Intern

Job Requirements

  1. Can use QuickBooks and Microsoft office such as Ms. Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  2. Studying Bachelor Degree of Accounting & Finance
  3. Understanding basic of Accounting, CAT student (If any)
  4. English overall 2
  5. Enable to have good communication and verbal skill
  6. Motivation, honesty, organization skill and teamwork

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assisting in preparing of Journal voucher, Payment voucher and Cash receipt voucher
  2. Checking and verifying the invoice to ensure they are all following accounting and tax requirements.
  3. Billing sale invoice into accounting system
  4. Communicated with both customers and vendor for outstanding balance
  5. Assisting in document preparation
  6. Learn how to work as part of accounting team to compile data, tracking information and support company and clients.


Contact: 010 296 128