Area Sales Executive

Job Requirements

  1. Experience working with FMCG company for minimum of 2 years is desirable.
  2. Good communication and interpersonal skills
  3. Able to use MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in any related field
  5. English proficiency is desirable.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Deploys sales strategy and goals to S&D stockist, motivate and follow up with them to ensure goals / targets are achieved.
  2. Eye on competitors activities and come up with solution for our products
  3. Benchmark on confectionary market and use sales strategy to sell our products at the most efficient way
  4. Share customers & consumers feedback
  5. Work closely with stockist so their assigned targets are achieved.
  6. Train and coach S&D stockists
  7. Other tasks assigned by Zone Sales Manager


Contact: 010 296 128