Production Process Engineer

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree in Technical diploma or BST of Mechanical, Electrical, Automation and Foods Science
  2. At least 2 years of experience in related fields
  3. Be able to communicate in English well (reading, writing, and speaking)
  4. Computer Skill: MS. Word, Excel, Internet, E-mail,

Job Responsibilities

  1. Safety, Quality, Sanitation and Order maintain and improve safety, quality, and sanitation in production line
  2. Production Line Inspection Observe production line to improve on unsafe condition to make sure operators and products are safe
  3. Problem Identification and Problem Solving identify and solve the problems as a team to improve productivity and waste to reach the goals
  4. New Product Support and New Product Scale-up help the team to learn and to keep the business grow by experimenting with new ingredients, formulations, and processes
  5. Improve operators’ skill Development JIB/work instruction to train operators to be skillful/competency operators
  6. New line or Equipment Join the commissioning with ER team to understand and created JIB/work instruction to train production operators
  7. Mistake Proofing Created the method or tools that makes it impossible for an error or mistake that can cause defective products, equipment, and safety issue
  8. Production Equipment Improvement leads to generate ideas, creativities, and research to improve the processing equipment by observing its problem, stress, and limitation to obtain safety, quality, productivity along term, reference plan, data, cost study and standard. Generally, the decision is led by AFC’s decisions making priorities


Contact: 010 296 128 / 069 617 423 / 086 446 793