Tax and Payroll Accountant

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting/Finance
  2. Can use QuickBooks and Microsoft office as well such as Ms. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, advance excel
  3. Knowledge of labor law related to payroll
  4. Knowledge of Cambodian tax/ procedure law
  5. At least 1-year of experience relevant field
  6. Enable to communicate in English (Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing)

Job Responsibilities

  1. Prepared, checked, verified, and filed payroll calculation to ensure it accurate and on-time by following Labor Law and company’s procedure
  2. Facilitate with other departments to ensure that Overtime is correct
  3. Sending monthly pay slip to all associates by following company’s procedure and timeline
  4. Prepared and submitted NSSF to Ministry of labor before timeline to ensure the compliance
  5. Work with the Administration department involve payroll work
  6. Prepared and processed monthly tax return by following GDT’s requirement and uploading to GDT’s systems and ensure its compliance and accuracy
  7. Monthly reconciliation on Tax’s account to ensure the balance is matched with accounting, systems
  8. Assisting in Tax on income preparation
  9. Facilitate with government’s officer related to waste disposal and auditing
  10. Ensure new tax regulation or requirement need to be updated and shared to related team
  11. Other tasks assign by manager


Contact: 010 296 128 / 069 617 423 / 086 446 793