Core Value

Helpful «Help first» 
A helpful associate shares knowledge, time and energy with others, encouraging and enabling the team to learn more, improve more and achieve more.

Forthright «Tell the truth that’s more than true» 
A forthright associate candidly presents information, problems and solutions, in productive ways, for the team to consider.

Self-motivated «Believe in yourself and make it happen» 
A self-motivated associate enjoys solving problems, improving themselves and contributing their energies to the team’s efforts.

Curious «Wondering why with open eyes» 
A curious associate asks why things are the way they are without wanting them to be a certain way.

Creative «Discover better ways that work» 
A creative associate imagines new possibilities and experiments to discover ways of improving self, business, community and environment.

Adaptable «Change with your environment and thrive» 
An adaptable associate embraces an evolving work life, pursuing positive change for themselves and the company, in a spirit of openness and cooperation.