Digital Services Assistant

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in computer science/IT or comparable experience
  2. Basic Level of experience (minimum 1 year of job-related experience/Internship)

Job Responsibilities

  1. Company Networks, Computers and devices are secure, free from viruses, spy ware and malware.
  2. Hardware, Software, Systems and Networks Function. For example: computers, software, printers, devices, Wi-Fi, Internet, CFTV, intrusion detection, access control and telephones. IT-related systems and services are procured and provided to associates, so they can perform their work. IT-related systems are maintained in good-working order.
  3. Internal Customer Satisfaction by providing users support, coordinate, and resolve IT issues.
  4. Training is offered to associates, so that they understand how to use IT-related tools. Inputs on proper use of AFC’s digital assets are provided to community and environment for inclusion in the AFC Associates Handbook.
  5. Data Backup Plan ensures business continuity, in the event of hardware or software failure.
  6. Feedback and Communication Systems facilitate group problem solving by being available and accessible to a wide range of AFC associates.