Quality Assurance Technician

Job Requirements

1 Bachelor’s degree of Food Science, Food Technology, or related fields 

2 Fluent or strong in English  

3 Proficiency with all MS Office suite program 

4 Ability to work with minimal supervision 

5 Experience enforcing standard operating procedure (SOP) and product specification 

6 Excellent attention to detail, problem-solving skill, knowledge in food safety standard (GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO22000, ISO14001 and other GFSI-certificates)  

7 Superior communication skills 


Job Responsibilities

1 Monitor and program critical control point (CCP) 

2 Monitor product safety and quality throughout the manufacturing process 

3 Manage point step process review, label and material review, and QA approval of documentation control, line clearing and process deviations 

4 Review and develop QA procedures 

5 Regularly review of product and receiving records 

6 Ensure all staff within the facility follow GMP requirement 

7 Train or educate related staff on food safety and BRC standard 

8 Participate in finished goods hold/release system 

9 Perform manual and automated testing, analyzing, and recording related result 

10 Assist in customer complaint, product incident and problem investigation and communication 

11 Provide requested status and results throughout the facility