Warehouse & Inventory Assistant

Job Requirements

1/ Bachelor’s Degree or comparable experience.

2/ Preferred: Experiences with food industry related to purchasing, shipping and warehouse management.

3/ Experienced (minimum 1-2 years of job-related experience).

Responsibilities/Major Job Outcomes

1/ Control warehouse and Inventory, the flow of stock through a warehouse, monitoring goods in and out, safely and efficiently moving and handling items and keeping stock records.

2/ Goods receiving and releasing, check and count all goods inbound/outbound.

3/ Assign and store all goods follow warehouse layout/storage location.

4/ Raw material stock planning and controlling for accuracy and minimizing stock variance of production use and more focus on accuracy inventory report.

5/ Maintain warehouse & inventory records and document of supply chain.

6/ Communicate with Supply Chain Assistant to ensure all raw material and products are meet with minimum stock/demand order.

7/ Ensure that inventories are kept in order and with the correct inventory management.

8/ Maintaining regular inventory counts and keeping a record of all warehouse inventory.

9/ Update daily stock record of all warehouse in stock movement list (excel file) and system.

10/ Prepare weekly & monthly stock report and other report as required by management.

11/ Check all warehouse to ensure warehouses are clean and follow 6s role, BRC, and other standard requirements.

12/ Check warehouse to ensure that all access doors are locked and all lights or other consumption electric before leave from work.

13/ Perform other tasks assigned by manager.