Finance Coordinator

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in Accounting & Finance, ACCA student is preferred
  2. Very good with excel (Good in preparing performance dashboard)
  3. Good in English which is able to communicate with cross functional department both speaking and writing.
  4. Independent, honest, teamwork and willing to learn new things.
  5. 3 years experienced in manufacturing company is a must.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assist in Annual Budget Preparation.
  2. Monthly budget comparison budget Vs actual and coordinate with cross function department to identify significant variance.
  3. Review & analyze operation expense to identify manufacturing cost and administration appropriate spending.
  4. Product Costing.
  5. Prepare monthly & weekly KPI
  6. Prepare monthly production waste report.
  7. Assist in collect data from DG & FG and extract data from QuickBooks to prepare SOFI Planning document (SOFI: Supply, Operation & Finance)
  8. Other task assigned by Senior Finance Manager.