Engineering & Maintenance Technician (General Mechanical)

Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd.

At Aprati Foods, we make and market candy. Our shared purpose is creating Happy Consumer Experiences. We do this through a collaborative and continuous process of experimentation, learning, problem solving and improving.  Aprati Foods team members help improve and develop the business by being: Helpful, Forthright, Self-motivated, Curious, Creative and Adaptable.  Aprati Foods clarifies its expectations by adopting international standards in strategic business areas, including Food Safety and Associate Safety.  Decision making is guided by Priorities: Safety, Honesty, Quality, Flexibility and Value.

General Work: Good benefit will offer to the successful candidate:

Compete salary based on the market rate with international company

Allowance:  breakfast, lunch, Private and Public Insurance …etc

Health & wellness budget: we have activities, facilities, nurse, doctor and budget to help associate stay healthy.

Education: Company training, job training, budget and time for associate to develop skill, English and computer.

Good working environment and company has maintained to achieve a lot of standard such as: SA8000, BRC, GMP, OSHA, HACCP …etc

Other benefit which we can provide the information per your request


Associate’s Responsibilities

  1. Assigned to support for production and process
  2. Conduct preventive maintenance to ensure the Equipment is in operation & smooth for production and follow guideline to ensure the equipment maintenance done correctly, safely and complied with standards
  3. Setup and adjust equipment mechanically to ensure correct specification with specific product and specs
  4. Be skilled with workshop modification such cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, threading, lathing and more
  5. Ensure the availability for responding to problem happens in shop floor in case of equipment breakdown, incident and other
  6. Ensure safe condition of equipment of shop floor and immediate correct when equipment or process safety is compromised
  7. Maintain, clean and organize maintenance equipment and tools to ensure they are clean and tidy align with 6S Standard
  8. Establish work instruction and provide training to Operator to maintain and improve competency of team
  9. Support commissioning of new/modified process or equipment to ensure the consistency of the processes, systems and facilities
  10. Work and coordinate with contractor to ensure the project is done and complied with standards
  11. Apply Root Cause Analysis study and CAPA method to respond with problems and non-conformities
  12. Be able to work collaboratively with E&M Technician (Electrical/PLC)


Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or related field with experienced from working with Mechanical in Industries
  2. 1 to 2 years experiences
  3. Mechanical concept and practical mechanical skill
  4. Understanding of reading and interpreting mechanical detail drawing
  5. English is a preferred for Limited Working Proficiency level of English in workplace (understand and could communicate both verbal and written)
  6. Medium-end level user of Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) – On-time report delivery, organized and understandable
  7. Strongly able to adapt in multi-tasking environment and flexible to work with different none-related tasks / project occasionally
  8. Quick responsive and strong problem-solving skill
  9. Passionate and enthusiastic with learning new things especially international standards / regulation Working experience: At least 3-year worked experience with manufacturing or industrial company