Product Manager (Sale & Marketing Manager)

Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd.

At Aprati Foods, we make and market candy. Our shared purpose is creating Happy Consumer Experiences. We do this through a collaborative and continuous process of experimentation, learning, problem solving and improving.  Aprati Foods team members help improve and develop the business by being: Helpful, Forthright, Self-motivated, Curious, Creative and Adaptable.  Aprati Foods clarifies its expectations by adopting international standards in strategic business areas, including Food Safety and Associate Safety.  Decision making is guided by Priorities: Safety, Honesty, Quality, Flexibility and Value.

General Work: Good benefit will offer to the successful candidate:

Compete salary based on the market rate with international company

Allowance:  breakfast, lunch, Private and Public Insurance …etc

Health & wellness budget: we have activities, facilities, nurse, doctor and budget to help associate stay healthy.

Education: Company training, job training, budget and time for associate to develop skill, English and computer.

Good working environment and company has maintained to achieve a lot of standard such as: SA8000, BRC, GMP, OSHA, HACCP …etc

Other benefit which we can provide the information per your request


Summary of Major Job Outcomes and Duties

Product development and Processes:

Forecasts the product’s performance once it reaches the market.

Plans and envelops a production timeline and oversees the creation of the product.

Analyzes the market conditions and competitors to determine why a company should develops a product, when is the best time to do it and what the product should be.

Marketing Planning & Strategies:

Sets the strategy and define the marketing angle for a product or product line

Able to implement and monitor the marketing plan with key milestones & deliverables to timing and budget goal.

Advertising Development & Management:

Able to brief and approve agency’s creative recommendation of all tactical ad. activities which based on knowledge of brand strategies and positioning

Able to draft briefings and make recommendations to senior management on thematic ad.

Act as a source of information and be able to interpret the advertising development process for others.

Media Planning & Management:

Able to compare and analyze the functions of various media types for selection and decision making purposes.

Able to identify new media opportunities and make recommendation to senior management.

Act as a source of information and be able to interpret the functions and different types of media to others.

Market Research:

Able to analyze and interpret data/information from various quantitative and qualitative sources to project trends, formulate marketing activities & amend where indicated.

Able to employ various research methodologies for collecting data/information.


Level of Job Experience:

Specialist (minimum 5 years of job-related experience)

Level of Education:

Bachelor’s Degree or comparable experience

English Languages Required: International Second Language Proficiency Rating (ISLPR): Overall score at least 2+ or above

Computer Skills Required: Able to use MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)

Training or Knowledge:

Weekly and monthly promotional planning; wholesaler and retailer selling skills; sales management

Preferred:  GMP; HACCP

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Market Orientation and Service – Listens to consumers and customers to find out what they want and how satisfied they are with what they are getting. 

Entrepreneurial Orientation – Discovers and takes advantage of strategic and profitable business opportunities. 

Supervisory Skills – Able to delegate work, set clear direction and manage workflow.

 Promotion Planning & Management

Trade Marketing

PR & Event Marketing

New Product Development 

Digital Marketing

Market & Competitive Knowledge

Marketing Intelligence System

Company & Product Knowledge

Able to relate and use company information such as mission, core values, business strategies, sales performances & market positioning, etc … to all local marketing management activities.

Has full knowledge of the core and international brands/products and be able to use this information to build better business partnerships with agency/vendors/salesforce with an aim to enhance sales performance, build/develop/protect brand equity, and strengthen/enhance corporate image in the market place

Budget/Financial Planning & Control

Understands basic fundamentals of financial analysis and be able to analyze & interpret marketing budget and spending.

Understands the dynamics of cost, revenue and profits and be able to use this knowledge to analyze market/brand needs for preparation of marketing budget plan.

Able to optimize the spending within budget guidelines.

Operation Management & Disciplines

Has thorough understanding of the marketing management disciplines/procedures and be able to interpret, instruct and coach others.


Helpful, Forthright, Self-Motivated, Curious, Creative, Adaptable

Good at time management and can do multi-tasks to meet the timeline of work/projects

Good team player (lead the team to achieve company objective/goals)

Know or use to implemented 6S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain, Safety

Knowlagent and or use to implemented 6S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardise, Sustain, Safety)