Production Shift Coordinator

Aprati Foods (Cambodia) Ltd.

At Aprati Foods, we make and market candy. Our shared purpose is creating Happy Consumer Experiences. We do this through a collaborative and continuous process of experimentation, learning, problem solving and improving.  Aprati Foods team members help improve and develop the business by being: Helpful, Forthright, Self-motivated, Curious, Creative and Adaptable.  Aprati Foods clarifies its expectations by adopting international standards in strategic business areas, including Food Safety and Associate Safety.  Decision making is guided by Priorities: Safety, Honesty, Quality, Flexibility and Value.

General Work: Good benefit will offer to the successful candidate:

Compete salary based on the market rate with international company

Allowance:  breakfast, lunch, Private and Public Insurance …etc

Health & wellness budget: we have activities, facilities, nurse, doctor and budget to help associate stay healthy.

Education: Company training, job training, budget and time for associate to develop skill, English and computer.

Good working environment and company has maintained to achieve a lot of standard such as: SA8000, BRC, GMP, OSHA, HACCP …etc

Other benefit which we can provide the information per your request

Summary of Major Job Outcomes and Duties:

Scrum team performance is satisfied. 

Set daily/weekly/monthly objectives and communicate them to employees

Organize workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing schedules

Oversee and coach employees

Ensure the safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance

Check production output according to specifications

Submit reports on performance and progress

Identify issues in efficiency and suggest improvements

Train new employees on how to safely use machinery and follow procedures

Enforce strict safety guidelines and company standards


Level of Job Experience:

At least 3-year worked experience with manufacturing or industrial company

Experience in using various types of manufacturing machinery and tools


Level of Education:

High School Diploma; Degree in a technical, engineering or relevant field will be an advantage

English Languages Required: English language required overall 2 or higher

Computer Skills Required: Advanced skills in MS Office


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Analysis – Approaches questions and concerns using a logical, systematic and sequential approach. Considers observations, quantitative and/or qualitative data.  Notices inconsistencies and flaws in available information.  Breaks down problems and information into component parts to consider each in detail.  May compare and contrast alternatives and/or propose “if this, then that” scenarios. Able to present information, conclusions and recommendations in an organized and compelling way, using tables, charts and graphs.

Project Management – Develops plans to achieve organizational goals. Prioritizes and plans work activities; adapts to changing conditions. Develops realistic action plans and timelines, even when there are some uncertainties.  Anticipates the consequences of situations and plans accordingly.  Organizes information.  Communicates changes and

progress. Coordinates associates’ and suppliers’ inputs and outputs, including those associates who are not direct reports. Completes projects on time and with allocated resources.

Problem Solving – Identifies problems and makes them visible to others. Goes to see the source or site of the problem.  Uses logic and root cause analysis to find the deeper cause of the symptoms. Collaborates with others and is open to different and unusual perspectives. Investigates and asks questions.  Able to design and finish experiments. Expresses some patience with the trial and error process. Uses the results of experiments to plan and implement solutions.


Confront Reality, Keep Commitments, Teamwork, Push for Results, Strive to Get Better

Good at time management and can-do multi-tasks to meet the timeline of work/projects

Good at team player (Be able to work independently and team player)

Know or use to implemented 6S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain, Safety